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Pregnancy for a woman is a period of anxiety and fears about the upcoming birth. Therefore among restless thoughts of the owner of "tummy" involuntarily there are questions: And whether to be engaged in physical exercises? Whether they will be able to facilitate future childbirth, to support health of mother and the kid?

Pregnancy for a woman is not only a pleasant expectation of a miracle, exciting anticipation of a meeting with her "treasure", getting used to the responsible and proud status of "mother" ... this is a period of anxiety and fears about the upcoming birth, worries for her crumbs, experiences due to significant changes in the figure (will it take its former form?). Therefore among restless thoughts of the owner of "tummy" involuntarily there are questions: And whether to be engaged in physical exercises? Whether they will be able to facilitate future childbirth, to support health of mother and the kid? What exercises will be effective and safe at the same time? These and many other issues will be discussed in more detail.

What do physical exercises give during pregnancy?

First, specially selected exercises strengthen the muscles, which will have to experience an increasing load every day. And it will significantly reduce discomfort and pain. The body of the expectant mother at the time of delivery will be more prepared and hardy, which will have a positive impact on the course of the most generic activities.

Secondly, a few simple exercises performed regularly, as well as proper nutrition will help mom and baby not to gain excess weight. After all, it leads to complications during pregnancy and childbirth. And the most well-fed toddler will be more difficult to be born. Doing exercises the whole pregnancy, the woman will be able to recover faster and easier after the birth of the baby and return to its former shape.

Thirdly, if you engage in the sport from the beginning of pregnancy, you can reduce or even completely eliminate, the associated troubles, such as: morning sickness, edema, constipation, shortness of breath, heartburn etc.

However, the issue of physical activity of a pregnant woman should be taken seriously. It is necessary to consult a doctor, analyze your health and exclude possible contraindications.

When pregnant better to refrain from exercise?

Sports exercises are very useful for the expectant mother and baby. But there are a number of diseases and complications during pregnancy, in which some sports activities are contraindicated. Please note that there are issues such as:
Cardiovascular diseases
Disorders of the thyroid gland
High pressure
Hypertonicity of the uterus and threatened miscarriage
Discharge with blood, abdominal pain
A history of miscarriages
Defects in the development of the placenta (detachment, placental presentation, etc.))

If there is nothing to prevent sports, you can start training.

How to practice effectively and safely?

The best option is to sign up for special classes for pregnant women, conducted by an experienced coach (gymnastics, aerobics, swimming, Aqua aerobics, yoga, etc.). For you and look after, and explain what you can do and what is unsafe. In addition, classes in a group with the same moms – it's much more interesting and fun than one. And the incentive is not to stop exercising.

But if there is no such opportunity, it is possible to be engaged and most. The safest and most acceptable option is walking. Regular walks in the fresh air up to the birth will help to improve blood circulation, saturate every cell with oxygen, which is important for healthy intrauterine development of the baby and prevention of anemia.

If you used to move a little and led a sedentary lifestyle, you should not walk around for hours. It is better to start with 15-20 minutes, but every day (or at least three or four times a week). It is important not to overwork! If you feel good, you can gradually increase the time of active walks to 30-40 minutes. Do not forget to bring a bottle of water. Dehydration can be very damaging. Wear comfortable clothes that do not restrict movement and comfortable, low-heeled shoes. Watch your posture.

What else can you do during pregnancy yourself? Dancing to pleasant music and gymnastics. It is important to monitor your health and not to make sudden movements, turns, jumps. The optimal time for training is not more than 30 minutes, so as not to get tired much. Start and finish the exercise should be with a light warm-up. It helps, gradually warming up the muscles, prepare for the main complex of classes and keep the pulse normal.
A few simple exercises for pregnant women
Exercise "Ivushka".
Put your feet shoulder width apart, relax as much as possible back and lean forward a little. Lower your head and hands down, let them dangle freely like a whip. Light swinging from side to side will remove unnecessary stress, especially the back and lower back, relieve the spine.
Cat's back.
Stand on all fours with your arms outstretched, knees slightly apart. The back, neck and head should first be on the same line. Slightly tilt your head forward and arch your back up (just do not overdo it), then take the starting position. This will train your muscles well, reduce the load on your spine.
Kegel exercise.
You can stay on all fours after the previous exercise or get up. Strain your perineal muscles as if you want to stop urinating, hold for a few seconds and relax. Then repeat all (6-7 times). Such actions will strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which will continue to participate in childbirth, as well as to prevent such complications as uterine prolapse.
Sit on a chair, under the feet of the legs put a glass bottle and roll it, as if rolling out the dough. After a few minutes, lower your feet to the floor and without the bottle make rolls from heels to socks and back. This pleasant exercise will relieve tension and fatigue of the legs, reduce swelling, improve blood circulation, prevent the appearance of varicose veins.
Walking on site.
You need to walk calmly, smoothly, without straining or lifting your legs too high.
Video with a set of exercises for pregnant women

For a larger set of exercises, watch the video " Gymnastics for pregnant women»:

Useful exercise for pregnant women a lot. But there are those that should be avoided or performed with caution, under the supervision of a specialist. If you are not sure of the safety of certain active actions, consult your doctor.

What exercises should be excluded during pregnancy?

Sets of exercises associated with sudden movements, turns, jumps, flaps of legs, arms.
Sports activities that require good coordination and balance, as well as in which it is possible to fall. For example: skating, roller skating, Cycling, horse riding, etc.
Avoid too intense exercise, which lead to the overheating of the body and raise the pulse above the critical level of 130 beats / min. Which adversely affects the health of the child. And also should not be allowed dehydration and training on an empty stomach.
In the fourth month you need to eliminate all exercises in the supine position to (Peredovik important artery) does not provoke oxygen deprivation in your baby.

During exercise, you need to listen to your body. If you feel discomfort, pain, dizziness, palpitations, tone, uterine contractions, blood discharge or any other ailment, you should immediately stop exercising and consult a doctor.

It is important to exercise regularly. As the load of exercise should be stable, with no abrupt changes. To maintain all the time an incentive to practice, you can resort to the following:
Start with very small loads, gradually increasing them.
Sign up for group classes for pregnant women.
Purchase a DVD with special exercises.
Engage with a friend or partner.
It is good to ventilate the room and include pleasant music.
Make the necessary respite during class.

And the most important incentive to regular trainings - easier childbirth, good mood, fast recovery of a figure after the birth of your long-awaited kid.

Thinking about whether to engage in physical exercise future mother, remember: Pregnancy is not a disease, and the need to lead a healthy lifestyle!

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